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Tangled Up in Cichlids

Specializing in the New World Cichlids from South and Central America plus South American Catfish

Email: jeff.tuic@gmail.com

Welcome to the Tangled Up In Cichlids web page. Posted below is a spread sheet of immediately available fish listed by latin name with size, price, and a brief description of each species.

Following the stock list on home page are select photos highlighting just some of the many beautiful and rare species currently available.

**Please note that while shipping will be as usual this week of the 24th, there will be no shipping or communications from Oct 29 - Nov 20**    
TANGLED UP IN CICHLIDS STOCKLIST FOR WEEK OF OCTOBER 24th, 2016 email: jeff.tuic@gmail.com, phone: 908-387-9858    
  (Total Length in Inches)(in USD $)(Wild fish include the word 'wild' in description, 'F1' = 1st generation stock bred from wild collected adults, 'cb' = captive bred of unspecified generation)
Acarichthysheckelii 'Jutai'4.5-5"65.00 or 3 @ 60.00 ea.wild Rio Jutai, Brazil 'red finned thread fin'; seldom imported lg size from R. Solimoes tributary in remote NW Amazonas state
"heckelii 'Uatuma'3-3.5"35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.wild Rio Uatuma, Brazil collected 'thread fin acara'; super showy species sporting multiple fin filament extensions
Aequidenscf. diadema5-5.5"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.gorgeous wild adult Rio Itaya, Peru 'Jenaro Herrera acaras', this species displays a rainbow of color
"pallidus1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F1 Rio Branco, Brazil juves; super rare in the trade; intricately ornate turq. facial mask
""2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 Rio Branco grow out juveniles of next size beginning to display color
"tetramerus 'Peru'4-5"18.00 ea.wild Peru 'red-cheek saddled acara', ml growing, robust and hardy species
Andinoacarapulcher2.5-3"15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.cb super blue spangled Trinidad 'blue acara'; a long time favorite for very good reason
"sp. 'Buenaventura'2-2.5"25.00 ea.never imported, wild undescribed blue spangled species from way south in Valle del Cauca, Colombia; very ltd qty only
"sp. 'Choco'2-2.5"15.00 ea.1st time offer of F1 juves of unique turq. spangled green terror/blue acara-like undesdcribed Andean acara
""3.5-5"50.00 ea. or 90.00 pr.spectacular wild young adults collected at Tado, Rio San Juan, Choco; available individually or vent-sexed pair
Apistogrammahongsloi1.25-1.75"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild Puerto Gaitan - Rio Manacacais; gold & megenta, lg growing & impressive: all Apistos are sold as tentatively sexed pairs
"megaptera1.25-1.75"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild rarity from Rio Inirida at Caño Vitina; blue spangled w/ 'cacatuoides-like dorsal' on males: sold as tentatively sexed pairs
Astronotusocellatus 'Marajo Island'4-4.5"35.00 ea.wild Marajo Island, Para, Brazil oscars that display of red & gold body w/ black irregular/wavy vertical markings
"sp. 'Orinoco oscar'3-3.5"25.00 ea.wild yet to be described species of Colombian-Orinoco oscars-only a few juveniles received
""4.5-5"35.00 ea.next size up on wild Colombian-Orinoco oscars; sports unique adolescent & adult color/pattern unlike Amazon-proper oscars
Australoherosscitulus3.5-4"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.cb rose breasted 'chanchito' from Paso de Pache, Rio Santa Lucia, Uruguay population
Biotodomacupido3.5-4"35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.wild Rio Itaya, Peru 'cupido cichlids' w/ gorgeous honey colored dorsal & flanks
"wavrini2.5-3"25.00 ea.wild Puerto Carreño - Rio Meta collected pastel colored species seldom offered in trade-ltd qty only
Bujurquinarobusta3-4"25.00 ea.wild Peruvian mouth brooding acara; rare import w/ blue striped yellow face & pink cheeks-ltd qty only
"vittata 'Ribeirão Mutum'1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.F1 Ribeirão Mutum, Mato Grosso collected; canary yellow, mild mannered mouth brooding acara in very ltd qty
"vittata 'Pantanal'2.5-3"20.00 ea.rare wild collection from Pantanal wetlands in Mato Grosso do Sul of yellow mouth brooding acara w/ iridescent blue scales
"sp. 'Rio Caete'3.5-4"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.wild undescribed mouthbrooding acara from Para, Brazil; turq. spotted gold face, lg. black blotch on operculum
Caquetaiakraussii 'Inirida'5-6"40.00 or 2 @ 36.00 ea.cb Rio Inirida collection of exceptionally copper & orange colored population; impressive piscivore w/ red eyes
"kraussii 'San Juan'5-6"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.wild Upper Rio San Juan, Choco collected race; decisively more elongated w/ increased predatory appearance, red on flanks & fins
Cichlaorinocensis 'R. Cusiana'1.5-2"20.00 ea.F1 Rio Cusiana juves bred by international customer of mine and reimported for US market-very ltd qty
"orinocensis 'R. Inirida'5-5.5"100.00 ea.wild R. Inirida orino of normal gold/green coloration
"cf. orinocensis 'jewel spotted'6-6.5"125.00 ea.wild R. Inirida cf. orinos (aka Venezuela gold spot) covered w/ large, ornate, yellow jewel spots in very ltd qty
""7-8"150.00 ea.next size up on highly attractive, wild jewel spotted wild orinos in very ltd qty
"temensis2.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.F1 Rio Miriti Parana juves bred by international customer of mine and reimported for US market
Cichlasomaamazonarum3.5-4.5"15.00 ea.wild Peru 'port-like cichlids', iridescent dark-edged scales, ornately decorated fins
Crenicarapunctulatum1.5-2.5"25.00 ea.rare import from R. Caqueta; larger-than-dwarf 'checkerboards' w/ red ventral & anal fins, high profile head/back - ltd qty only
Crenicichlacametana4.5-6"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.wild R. Tocantins collected, rarely imported olive green & eggplant purple colored pike; also fully pellet trained
"cincta7-8"150.00 ea.wild Peruvian green/red pikes w/ black vertical bands; a large growing & very impressive pike in ltd qty-eating pellets
"cyclostoma2.5-3"50.00 ea.rarely imported wild R. Tocantins 'round mouth pike'; md growing species w/ curious demeanor & beak-like mouth in ltd qty
""4.5"75.00 ea.one wild individual of chunky size imported; truly a pike cichlid aficionado species
"cf. jegui5-6"225.00 ea.wild R. Tocantins 'warrior pike' w/ bold facial stripes, lg mouth, attractive chestnut & black markings; very ltd qty
"johanna var. 'manchada'9-10"225.00 ea.very rare specimen of wild 'manchada' (translates 'stained') pike from Peru - just one awesome adult female imported at this time
"lugubris 'Tapajos red'7-8"175.00 or 2 @ 165.00 ea.seldom collected - this is the most red population-wild from R. Arapuins; truly a solid red, large growing pike-eating pellets
"macropthalma6-7"450.00 prwild vent-sexed male/female pair of bizarre, rarely imported big-eyed pikes; another pike aficionado species for sure
"strigata6-7"100.00 ea.wild Rio Tocantins adolescent pikes; mature colors include striking magenta abdomen w/ gold cheeks in ltd qty
"sp. 'Orinoco dwarf pike'2.5-3.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.wild Rio Orinoco watershed collected regani-like dwarf pike males only
""2.5-3.5"40.00 pr.same stock as above priced for male + female pair
Geophagusabalios5-5.5"65.00 ea.large wild adults collected from Puerto Carreño - Rio Meta; highly attractive red & green striped, lg growing earth eater
""6-7"80.00 ea.huge wild adults from same collection as above; very impressive, showy individuals
"altifrons 'Uatuma'3.5"45.00 ea.wild Rio Uatuma (southern flowing Amazon tributary) race of showy & colorful earth eater-only 1 available
"brasiliensis3.5-4"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.cb lg growing showy earth eaters; the largest growing & most robust of earth eaters
"dicrozoster2.5-3"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.wild Puerto Carreño - Rio Meta collection of elongated lime green earth eater w/ red & blue fins, black dash on operculum
"sp. 'Caqueta'3.5-4.5"45.00 or 4 @ 40.00 ea.wild undescribed Geo. collected from Puerto Rico on Rio Guayas; vertical bars over red spotted flanks w/ red ventral @ anal fins
""5-6"65.00 or 4 @ 60.00 ea.jumbo sized wild Caqueta Geos; unique tiger bar pattern w/ red spots - largest imdividuals I've ever seen of this species
"sp. 'red head Tapajos'1.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 juveniles of md growing, colorful earth eaters
Guinanacaradacryra3.5-4"35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.wild Rio Cumina (trib. of R. Trombetas), Para, Brazil collected; iridescent lime green/gold/blue scales-very sharp
Gymnogeophagusgymnogenys 'Maldonado'2-2.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb gold & maroon colored 'gymnos' of Arroyo Maldonado population from extreme southern Uruguay
"terrapurpura2.5-3"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.cb pear green body w/ neon turquiose stripes, red fins w/ blue spots; a beautiful, recently described gem from R. Santa Lucia, S. Urug.
Herosefasciatus 'Santarem'5-6"125.00 pr.wild adult pairs of Rio Tapajos severums collected at Santarem; red ornamentation of cheek of males & blue faced females-ltd qty only
"efasciatus 'rotkeil'5"65.00 ea.jumbo wild adults of Peruvian 'rotkeil' or 'red head severum'; super impressive size & color-very ltd qty avail
"notatus3-3.5"25.00 ea.F1 Guyana severums of chunky size & beginning to display color; adults showy lime green w/ red/orange ventral-very ltd qty only
"sp. 'Inirida'3.5-4.5"65.00 or 4 @ 60.00 ea.super colored, undescribed wild severum from Rio Inirida; beautifully colored/marked w/ red, ylw, purple, green
""7-8"125.00 ea.giant wild adults of stunning color & size; incredible, jaw dropping beautiful - pairs available
Hoplarchuspsittacus1.25"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 R. Inirida, Colombia babies; a rare offer of tank bred juveniles
""4.5-5.5"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.wild Inirida, Colombia lg juveniles/adolescents in seldom offered md size
""6-6.5"75.00 ea.wild adolescent/young adults displaying mature emerald & turquoise color on body w/ red abdomen-very ltd qty
Hypselecaratemporalis3.5-4"28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.wild Peruvian plum & chartreuse adolescent 'chocolate cichlids' displaying color
"coryphaenoides5-6"75.00 ea.wild R. Inirida 'gold naped chocolate cichlids' imported in very ltd qty
""8"125.00 ea.wild jumbo, super impressive male - the largest I've ever imported of this seldom collected & elusive species
Kronoherosumbrifera 'Giradot'3-3.5"35.00 ea.wild 'blue freckled gold umbies' collected at Giradot in Upper Magdelana drainage; a distinctly blue spotted brass colored umbie
 cf. umbriferus 'Rio Guatape'1.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.F2 'Andean umbie' juveniles of deep blue colors; scales teal blue w/ garnet red edge, turning indigo blue ventrally
""2-2.5"15.00 ea.F2 'Andean umbie' chunky grow outs of next size up
Laetacaraaraguaiae1-1.25"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.wild Rio Araguaia dwarf smiling acaras; a rainbow of color in a small package
"dorsigera1.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.wild Ribeirao Mutum, Mato Grosso collected violet breasted dwarf smiling acara
"fulvipinnis2.5-3"18.00 ea.wild Rio Inirida, Colombia aka 'orangeflossen'-rarely imported orange-finned, plum-faced beauties in very ltd qty
Mikrogeophagusramirezi1.5-2"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.wild Orinoco watershed collected 'blue rams' of great size & beautiful blue/yellow/pink colors
Mesoherosatromaculatus2.5-3"25.00 ea.wild juvenile Rio San Juan 'atros' in very ltd qty
"festae1.5-2"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb Ecuador red terror of excellent lines/highly colorful adults
Mesonautainsignis3.5-4"35.00 ea.wild Orinoco watershed collected 'yellow belly flag cichlid-festivum' w/ color - in ltd qty only
Retroculuslapidifer2-2.5"35.00 ea.wild R. Tocantins goby-like 'hopping earth eaters'; a seriously amusing species to keep avail. in ltd qty
Satanopercadaemon5"40.00 ea.lg sized, well-conditioned wild Rio Inirida daemon; highly spangled w/ red ventrals in very ltd qty
"acuticeps4-4.5"50.00 ea.lg wild Rio Tapajos impressive '4 spot Satanos' w/ high dorsal in very ltd qty
"jurupari 'Colombia'4-5"25.00 or 4 @ 20.00 ea.lg wild adults from Colombia; a robust eartheater of chartreuse color
"leucosticta1.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 juves of white spangled Guyana earth eaters
"lilith4-5"65.00 or 3 @ 60.00 ea.wild Rio Tapajos rarely imported gems; very largest growing Satano. species (to 12")-very ltd qty
Uaruamphiacanthoides 'Branco'3-3.5"75.00 ea.very rare collection of wild Rio Branco (northern tributary of Brazilian R. Negro) md sized Uaru in ltd qty
"amphiacanthoides 'Tapajos'2.5-3"45.00 or 4 @ 40.00 ea.seldom imported wild juveniles from R. Tapajos collection; mature color of moss green back, amber sides, blood red eyes
Amatitlanianigrofasciata2-2.5"10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.cb German origin Rio Motagua, Honduras 'zebra convict cichlids'
"sajica1.5-2"15.00 ea.cb juveniles of generous size available in ltd qty
"siquia 'Rio Animas'2-2.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.F1 red finned, blue/gold barred northern Costa Rica convict
""2-3"+25.00 pr / 3-3.5"male @ 15 ea.F1 adult pairs or lg males of darker base-colored colored CR convict
""4-4.5"20.00 ea.F1 jumbo sized, impressive hump-headed males in very ltd qty
"siquia 'Rio Tempisque'2-2.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.F2 blue/orange sided western Costa Rica convicts
""2-3"+25.00 pr / 3-3.5"male @ 15 ea.F1 adult pairs or lg males w/ fin extensions & great color
Amphilophuscitrinellus 'gold barred'1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' bred from the only two gold barred individuals from SF Libre, Lago Managua
""2-2.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' of next size up
""3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' of chunky grow out size
"istlanus1-1.25"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb 'red istlanus' from Rio Amacuzac, MX collection
"lyonsi5-6"75.00 ea.lg cb adults in full orange-red & blue coloration; an extremely rare offer at this size in ltd qty only
"sagittae4-4.5"22.00 or 4 @ 18.00 ea.F2 grow out adolescents from the cream sickle colored jumbo pair of exclusive TUIC Lago Xiloa import
""5-5.5"30.00 ea.largest sized F2 young adults of various color from white-yellow-orange-mixed
"trimaculatus1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb juveniles of vividly colored mustard yellow body and rose red breasted trimacs
"trimaculatus 'Rio Naranjo'1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F2 stocky juves of R. Naranjo, Guatemala collected 'trimacs'; bold colored moss green w/ garnet red abdomen & throat
""2-2.5"12.50 ea.F2 R. Naranjo chunky grow outs of next size up
Archocentruscentrarchus4-4.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.F1 Siquirres, CR young adult 'flier cichlids' beginning to display mature coloration of gold body & fins w/ sky blue sides
Hypsophrysnicaraguensis2-2.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.cb 'macaw cichlid' juveniles of multicolored Costa Rican race
""3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.next size up on cb 'macaw cichlid' grow outs
Maskoherosargentea2"18.00 or 5 @ 15.00 ea.cb juves of highly showy species featuring pearl-violet sides covered w/ black freckles
"regani2"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb juves of another highly showy species featuring emerald green body covered in red freckles
"regani 'R. Sarabia'7-8"125.00 ea.F1 adults of super size & color - a very rare offer of vividly colored, privately grown out individuals in ltd qty only
Neetroplusnematopus 1.5"7.50 ea.F1 juveniles of robust & uniquely 'blue faced neets' from R. Grande de Matagalpa, Nicaragua
""2-2.5"12.50 ea.F1 juveniles of next size up on chunky grow outs
Parachromisdovii3.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.cb unsexed Nicaraguan 'turquoise wolf' of chunky size
"loisellei1.25"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb of Panamanian origin; the southernmost populations of this guapote sport rich honey colored body w/ amber fins
"managuensis4-4.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.cb Nicaraguan 'black & white jaguar cichlids' of great chunky size
""5-5.5"60.00 pr.cb young sexed pair (one pair avail) Nicaraguan 'black & white jaguar cichlids'
"motaguensis2-2.5"12.50 ea.cb juveniles of 'red tiger Honduran mots'
""3"18.00 ea.next size up on cb grow outs displaying some color
Peteniasplendida5-5.5"30.00 or 3 @ 27.00 ea.cb 'red bay snook'; red-orange dorsal color blending to honey color in abdomen, an awesome less-aggressive fish for lg communites
Rociooctofasciata 'Chiapas'2.5-3"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.German cb 'Chiapas dempsey' w/ lg iridescent blue spangles and mulberry purple colored belly
"octofasciata 'gold'3-3.5"25.00 or 3 @ 22.00 ea.cb 'gold dempsey'; gold & pink w/ blue spangling - a real standout of color in md sized communities
Thorichthysmeeki2.5-3"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb grow outs of super red firemouth from Rio Candelaria population
Viejamelanura 1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb juves. of colorful orange/gold/blue 'Laguna Yaxha, Guatemala' race
""2-2.5"12.50 ea.next size up on cb grow outs displaying some color
""3-3.5"18.00 ea.chunky cb grow outs w/ attractive orange & blue sides
""4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb adolescents w/ nearly full mature rainbow of colors
""6-7"75.00 ea.cb adult males in full color of rarely offered size - very ltd qty only
"variety 'synspila' 4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb brilliantly colored 'red heads'; although reclassified as synonymous w/ V. melanura, I still list this fish by trade name 'synspila'
Boulengerochromismicrolepis7-8"50.00 ea.great sized cb grow outs of Tanganyikan 'Emperor cichlids' - Africa's largest growing cichlid species
Etroplussuratensissm F1 juveniles of large growing, highly ornate 'green chromide' due 10/22
Tilapiabuttekoferi5-6"40.00 ea.cb bold yellow & black banded 'hornet cichlids' in ltd qty
NON-CICHLID-ODDBALLS/CHARACINS, ETC. (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Abramiteshypselonotus 3-3.5"25.00 or 3 @ 22.00 ea.uniquely red finned Rio Tocantins 'marbled headstander' of great size, color, & pattern
Botiamacracantha2.25-2.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.highly colorful & always entertaining 'clown loaches'; awesome addition to most md communities w/ cichlids, etc.
Brachychalcinusretrospina2.5-3"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.rare import of ml growing 'discus tetra' from Bahia state, southern Brazil
Brycon falcatus5-6"100.00 ea.rubust & powerful swimming, big headed Rio Araguaia species w/ red edged blk crescent on caudal
Catlocarpiosiamensis3-3.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.giant Siamese carp' (the world's largest growing cyprinid) - juveniles bred from aquaculture facility in Thailand
Chalceusmacrolepidotus3.5-4"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.pink tail chalceus of robust size; very sharp addition to upper level of md-lg communities
Curimatavittata5"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.very rarely collected, ornately banded Curimata; awesome 10" growing show characin
Electrophoruselectricus15"100.00 ea.electric eels' of super size & girth displaying mature color of cantaloupe orange throat/belly & army green back in very ltd qty
Erythrinuserythrinus5-6"65.00 ea.red hifin shuyo-trahira-wolf fish' w/ purple & orange colored pattern on sides-only one available
Gymnotustigre5-6"75.00 ea.one only juvenile Peruvian 'flash tiger knife-macana tigre'; boldly banded, unusual & interesting knife fish
Hampalamacrolepidota5-6"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.seldom imported, highly attractive lg growing Asian barb w/ blk saddle & red/blk fins; reknowned as sport fishing species in SE. Asia
Hoplerythrinusunitaeniatus8-9"175.00 ea.rarely imported/seen in jumbo size: 'gold wolf fish/shuyo amarillo' imported from Peru in ltd qty
Hopliascurupira7-8"180.00 ea.Colombian 'black wolf fish' of manageable size & super pattern - only one individual available
Labeocyclorhynchus4-4.5"65.00 or 2 @ 60.00 ea.attractively colored/patterned 'harlequin or variegated Congo shark' of great size
Leporinussteyermarki4-4.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.rarely imported Colombian Leporinus w/ attractive blk spots & wavy bars on gold body
Markiananigripinnis3-3.5"45.00 or 4 @ 40.00 ea.very rarely imported Pantanal, Brazil collection of rubust & unique, ml growing, ventrally red finned tetra
Melanotaeinaparkinsoni1.5-2"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.lg growing (to 6") rainbowfish - a personal favorite featuring gorgeous contrast of blue & orange color at maturity
Metynnisfasciatus2.5-3"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.cb 'tiger silver dollar'; md growing (to 6"), attractive dither species for md cichlids & very showy in schools
Mylossomaduriventre3-3.5"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.Peruvian 'palometa'; a seldom imported silver $ w/ impressive 'deep keel' & attractive red anal fin
Osteoglossumbicirrhosum9-10"75.00 ea.silver arowana of hardy, chunky size; fully pellet trained
Potamotrygonmotoro7-8"225.00 ea.select orange spotted wild Orinoco motoro rays of ltd qty (1 male, 3 females available)
Semaprochiloduslaticeps3.5-4"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.red fin flagtails' collected from Puerto Carreño - Rio Meta; outstanding/showy & active characins for md-lg community
Serrasalmusrhombeus 'Araguaia'5-5.5"225.00 ea.seldom imported gold diamond scaled R. Araguaia rhom - only one available
""7-7.5"275.00 ea.next size up on brilliantly spangled R. Araguaia rhom w/ black barred blood red eyes - only one available
"rhombeus 'Peru black'3.5-4"75.00 ea.juvenile of the giant growing & truly sinister 'Peruvian black rhom' - only 1 individual available
""7-8"350.00 ea.young adult 'Peru black rhoms' of robust size - only one available
""16-17"1500.00 ea.immensely scary, huge headed Peruvian black rhom- not for the faint of heart - only 1 avail
"rhombeus 'Peru diamond'8"375.00 ea.large adult 'Peru blue diamond rhom' of super size - only 2 available
Tetraodonmbu4-4.5"200.00 ea.mbu puffers are one of the most endearing wet pets ever, but please keep in mind that they grow huge-only 2 avail
Triportheusangulatus5-6"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.lg 'triport hatchets' that grow to super size of 7-8"! Awesome mid-water activity for md-lg communities
LORICARIIDAE - PLECOSTOMUS SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Acanthicusadonis 'albino'4-4.5"150.00 ea.remarkably striking albino form of giant growing, super spiny, lyre tail pleco; white polka dots on pink/cream body- 1 indiv. avail.
"hystrix6-7"125.00 ea.L155 'lyre tail pleco' of R. Branco, Roraima, Brazil; xl growing, super thorny jet black, prehistoric-looking showy plecos
Baryancistruschrysolomus2.5-3"50.00 ea.L047 'mango pleco'; a truly green-bodied pleco w/ ornate yellow trimmed fins
""3.5-4"65.00 ea.L047 'mango pleco' of larger size; beautiful R. Xingu pleco that's not difficult to keep
"xanthellus3-4"40.00 ea.L018/081 R. Xingu 'gold nugget pleco' of great size w/ variably sized spots (small sized spots = 081, md sized spots = 018)
"sp. LDA0333.5"50.00 ea.LDA033/L142 R. Tapajos 'snowball pleco' w/ large white polka dots on jet black body & fins-ltd qty only
Hemiancistrusguahiborum3-3.5"15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.L106 'spotted orange seam pleco'; hardy, colorful, md growing pleco
"sp. 'blue phantom'5-6"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.L128 'blue phantom pleco' of seldom offered, remarkably large size
Hypancistruszebra2-2.5"225.00 or 4 @ 215.00 ea.L046 'zebra plecos'; a very rare offer of wild collected stock in ltd qty only
"cf. sp. L4014-5"75.00 ea.L401 Alenquer, Para, Brazil collected gems w/ individually intricate bold vertical wavy bars
Hypostomusfaveolus5-6"65.00 ea.L037 'honeycomb pleco' of T. Tocantins in super size w/ intricate honeycomb pattern over head and dorsal area
"soniae3-3.5"35.00 ea.L137 'red finned blue eye pleco' from R. Tapajos
Lamonthichthysfilamentosus4-6"40.00 or 3 @ 35.00 ea.Peruvian 'kite whiptail'; super long filaments on pectoral, dorsal, and caudal fin
Leporacanthicusgalaxius4-5"55.00 ea.L029 'galaxy vampire pleco' from R. Tocantins; bold gold spots on black body w/ long nose
"heterodon3-3.5"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.L172'a-b' R. Xingu 'gold vampire pleco'; a very sharp looking (and feeling) md growing pleco
"triactis4-5"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.L091 'three beacon pleco'; beautiful red/orange & blk banded adipose, dorsal & caudal spines
Panaquearmbrusteri 'Jamanxim'4"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.L027 'golden thunder royal'; gold & black lined ultra showy race
"armbrusteri 'Tocantins'5-6"100.00 ea.L027 'platinum royal'; boldly contrasting cream & black lined race
"cochliodon12"450.00 ea.Colombian R. Magdalena 'blue eyed plecos' of super size & great condition - only two available
Peckoltialineola3.5-4"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.L202 bold, attractive wide, wavy black bars over a light colored body, hardy & md growing
"sp. L1403-3.5"40.00 or 3 @ 35.00 ea.L140 rarely imported R. Tapajos species w/ bold/irregular yellow & brown wavy bands
Pseudacanthicusleopardus6-7"250.00 or 2 @ 235.00 ea.L600 'Rio Branco, Roraima' the real deal! Extremely rare import of large growing (to 16"!) 'leopard red fin cactus pleco'
"sp. L0976-7"125.00 ea.L097 'polka dot cactus pleco' from Rio Curua-Una, Para, Brazil; a truly thorny & very attractive Pseudacanthicus
Pseudancistrussp. L2592.5-3"35.00 ea.L259 - uncommon import of lg cream spotted/wavy spotted pleco
""3.5-4"50.00 ea.L259 of next size from Rio Tapajos collection for a highly attractive, md growing pleco
Pseudorinelepisgenibarbis4"35.00 ea.Peru 'pinecone pleco'; unique leather-like skin, body covered by armor-like plates
"sp. L09510-12"250.00 ea.L095 'orange cheek pinecone pleco' from R. Branco, Roraima, Brazil in super size & color; only 1 avail
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps 'albino'5-6"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.cb L083 / L165 'albino sailfin plecos' - super showy morph of ivory color w/ red eyes
Scobliancistrussp. L3683.5-4"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.L368 'white spotted cloud pleco'; lg bold white spots cover black body & fins; incredibly showy Tapajos pleco
Sturisomaaureum 'albino'3-4"50.00 ea.cb true 'albino farlowella/whiptail cat'; remarkable pink/white whiptail w/ red eyes-ltd qty only
CATFISH SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Aguarunichthystorosus3.5"85.00 ea.juvenile Peruvian 'bolt cats'; active w/ giant Pim look - but only grows to about 16" - only one individual available
Bagariusbagarius4.5"150.00 ea.Thailand collected 'goonch cat' that is already pellet trained - only one still available
Batroglanisspecies '1'2.5-3"25.00 ea.amber & black jelly bumble cats from Colombia; highly attractive pattern on rarely imported, md growing cats
Brachyplatystomaplatynemum4"175.00 ea.very rare import of 'slobbering cat' (formerly known as Goslinia); huge growing w/ broad/flattened white barbels- only 2 available
Brachyrhamdiameesi1.5-2"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.dwarf 'imitator Pim. cats' from Peru; very active & attractive - entertaining to view in group of 5 or more
Callophysusmacropterus9-10"100.00 ea.rarely offered at this large size - the highly attractive 'vulture cat'; has 'giant Pim' appearance, yet only grows to 18"-ltd qty only
Claroteslaticeps8-10"135.00 ea.rarely offered, lg growing African 'big head cats' w/ attractive white trimmed charcoal tail; very ltd qty avail
Corydorascf. araguaiaensis2-2.5"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.rare import of Rio Araguaia Cory, super size w/ big, bold spot pattern
"loxozonus2.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.impressively lg sized Rio Guaviare adults of strikingly attractive, seldom offered Cory
Goldiellaeques6-7"50.00 ea.Peru collected 'horse head cat' of great size; an attractively patterned cat well suited for md-lg community - remains <12"
Hassarorestis3-3.5"35.00 ea.Peru collected 'black top mouse cats' - a md growing, peaceful doradid cat in very ltd qty
Hemibagrusnemursus 'albino'4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb albino form of 'Asia red tail cat'; stand out ivory body w/ red eyes & yellow fins - very showy in lg species tank
Liosomodorasoncinus5-6"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.jumbo 'jaguar cats' of rarely imported size; gorgeous orange & amber w/ intricate black markings
Megalodorasuranoscopus3.5"35.00 ea.attractively colored/patterned, giant growing 'prehistoric irwini cats' of juvenile size
Mystuswolffii4-5"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.seldom imported 'Thai moon cat' of bright platinum blue/grey color available in ltd qty
Oxydorasniger8"75.00 ea.larger sized 'purple prehistoric cats'; a gentle giant w/ impressive scutes/spikes on flanks
Pimelodusalbofasciatus6-7"25.00 ea.'four lined Pim cats'; active species that mixes well in md-lg community tanks
"ornatus4-4.5"50.00 ea.boldly patterned/very attractive md growing Peru Pim cats
""6-6.5"75.00 ea.seldom imported at this large size - bold blk/wht pattern on excellent catfish for md-lg growing community aquaria
Platystacuscotylephorus5-6"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.mottled eel-tailed banjo cats' from Belem, Brazil; attractively & individually patterned - yet very bizarre fish
Pterodorasgranulosus9-10"40 ea, 2 @ 35 ea, 3 @ 30 ea.jumbo growing 'prehistoric cats' - awesome show cats; cannot swallow but smallest of tank mates
Synodontisangellicus2.5-3"75.00 ea.Congo collected beauties; jet black covered w/ white polka dots
"decorus3-4"25.00 ea.cb African cats w/ attractive lg black spots
"eupterus6-7"35.00 ea.cb super sized, ornate African catfish with huge, feathered dorsal fin-great in md-lg communities
"nigrita 'xanthic/gold'4-5"35.00 ea.cb gold/gold marbled bred sport of very attractively colored/patterned 'African lace cat'
Tatiaintermedia2.5-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 'milky way wood cats'; md growing, very attractive white spots over velvet black body
Tenellustrimaculatus2.5-3"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.sm-md (5-6") growing, entirely peaceful & endearing 'mouse doradid cat' from Peru












blue phantom












orange seam



















pictured above: Just some of the remarkably colored and attractively patterned plecos and catfish on hand.








red head Tapajos
















pictured above: Just some of the many species of earth eaters, acaras, and S. Am. dwarf cichlids available.

red Tapajos














Marajo oscar





pictured above: Some of the many seldom offered S. Am. cichlid species available.






gold jaguar










gold dempsey



gold bar

gold bar






pictured above: The above Central American cichlid species (and a few Old World species) plus many, many more are all immediately available. Adult photos are shared for reference. Stock sizes are posted on stock page.







gold wolf

gold wolf




siam carp







pink tail








pictured above: Some of the many seldom seen characins 'tetras', cyprinids 'carps/barbs', and other odd balls on hand.

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