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Tangled Up in Cichlids

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April 10, 2019

Please note: My site has not been hacked and this is not a eulogy :)

The twenty five years strong, uniquely branded business model that I entitled Tangled Up In Cichlids is closed for business. I am retiring from my position as founder-president/owner-operator of what has truly been a dream come true for me on many levels.

I am sorry that there was no pre notification or going out of business sale. I find that to be sad and devaluing for product to which I have worked so hard to assign value.

I have never been busier than of recent. Approximately one third of my daily order fulfilment consists of new customers. The interest and growth is unprecedented and I am forever grateful to each of you for these blessings and opportunities.

I want to extend a deeply felt, genuine thanks from the bottom of my heart to every single individual whom, over the last two and half decades, have enabled and fueled my ability to grow and succeed with this international E-commerce based small business model.

Tangled Up In Cichlids presence on the internet began in 1995, around the same time that Yahoo! was launched and years before Google was a thing.

As a trained aquatic biologist and small business owner, it has been my utmost pleasure to provide hobbyists and similar businesses the accessibility and hopefully educational components as well to generate past and continued interests in this niche market.

It is no secret that I have built a business marketing those species of fish which I have enjoyed collecting, breeding, and maintaining as a lifelong hobbyist. This premise for a business is not original. The fact that this is a profoundly vulnerable, high maintenance, labor-of-love-contrived profession is understood and I never took one single day of my customer-supported entrepreneurship for granted.

I have received countless emails from customers asking me if there will be a new owner or successor who may, using the existing or a similar business model, continue to provide my extensive customer base access to the many rare and often exclusively imported species that I have made available to you. There have been several professionals and individuals interested in this 'turn-key' business opportunity, but no formal commitments yet.

I am interested to receive serious inquiries from motivated individuals or similar businesses with the desire to purchase a long term, consistently growing, well documented, worldwide E-commerce customer base business with many exclusive livestock resources. The opportunities for additional growth in various directions or specializations are boundless via implementation of advertising and presence within the context of social media outlets - a gargantuan forum on which I have virtually no attempted footprint.

This is a business that can be operated from any state in the country and is therefore not restricted by any means to the current base of operations in New Jersey. I am fully open to provision of extended services as liaison or consultant to enable as smooth a segue or transition as possible.

At this time (April 18), I also have three large central/circulating systems of multiple 30, 40, and 75 gallon aquariums still available for sale.

Please email me at jeff.tuic@gmail.com

Once again, please accept my utmost gratitude for playing the ever active role of enabling my dreams to become a reality.

Jeff Rapps

Soon to be not so terribly Tangled Up In Cichlids

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PO BOX 181
PHONE: (908) 387-9858
FAX: (908) 387-9859

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