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Tangled Up in Cichlids

Specializing in the New World Cichlids from South and Central America plus South American Catfish

Email: jeff.tuic@gmail.com

Welcome to the Tangled Up In Cichlids web page. Posted below is a spread sheet of immediately available fish listed by latin name with size, price, and a brief description of each species.

Following the stock list are select photos highlighting just some of the many beautiful and rare species currently available.

  (Total Length in Inches)(in USD $)(Wild fish include the word 'wild' in description, 'F1' = 1st generation stock bred from wild collected adults, 'cb' = captive bred of unspecified generation)
Acarichthysheckelii3-3.5"18.00 ea.cb showy acara-like earth eaters that develop beautiful threadfins
Aequidenscf. diadema3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild Rio Itaya, Peru 'Jenaro Herrera acaras', this species displays a rainbow of color
"pallidus2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 Rio Branco, Brazil juves; super rare in the trade; intricately ornate turq. facial mask
""3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.F1 next size up on rarely imported F1 grow outs with color
"tetramerus3-4"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild Peru 'red-cheek saddled acara', ml growing, robust and hardy species
Andinoacarabiseriatus1.5"25.00 ea.extremely rare wild Upper Rio San Juan, Col. import; peaceful, gorgeous red-finned acara
""2-2.5"35.00 ea. or 4 @ 30.00 ea.next size up on wild adolescents w/ color
"latifrons3.5-4.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild Colombian 'turquoise acara'; gorgeous-easy to keep/breed. Covered in turq. spangles w/ red trim fins
"pulcher1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb super blue spangled Trinidad 'blue acara'; a long time favorite for very good reason
"rivulatus6-7"50.00 ea.jumbo & very impressive cb males w/ bright red/orange trimmed fins
"sp. 'Choco'1.25-1.25"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.1st time offer of F1 juves of unique green terror/blue acara-like undesdcribed Andean acara
 "5-6"75.00 ea.uber rare, undescribed wild Andean acara-labeled 'A. sapayensis' in many photos/texts; crazy beautiful!
"sp. 'electric blue acara'3-4"25.00 ea.adolescent/young adults of brilliantly colored 'electric blue acara'
Biotodomacupido4-4.5"35.00 ea.wild lg adult Rio Itaya, Peru beauties; saffron colored sides w/ turquoise striped cheeks
Bujurquinarobusta3.5-4.5"25.00 or 4 @ 20.00 ea.wild & seldom imported, attractive Peru acara; iridescent orange-blotched back, violet patch on 'cheek'
Caquetaiaspectabilis1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F2 juveniles of highly attractive, large mouthed, blue spangled & showy species
""2-2.5"12.50 ea.next size up of chunky F2 juveniles
""5-6"35.00 ea.F1 young adults w/ color
Cichlasomaamazonarum3-4"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.wild Peru 'port-like cichlids', iridescent dark-edged scales, ornately decorated fins
Cleithracaramaronii4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb giant sized adults of 'keyhole cichlids' in ltd qty only
Crenicichlacincta9-10"75.00 ea.wild Peruvian lg growing pike; emerald green/brick red w/ vertical bars
"johanna6-7"75.00 ea.wild Rio Negro collected, deep red colored individuals in very ltd qty
"reticulata6-7"85.00 eawild Rio Negro collected adults; a very rarely imported 'frog head pike' species
Geophagusaltifrons3-3.5"45.00 or 4 @ 40.00 ea.wild Rio Uatuma (southern flowing Amazon tributary) race of showy & colorful earth eater
"argyrostictus3-3.5"50 ea, 3 @ 45 ea, 6 @ 40 ea.F1 juveniles of much coveted 'Rio Xingu argy' - very rare offer of crazy cool earth eater
"cf. brasiliensis1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.F1 Laguna del Molly, Uruguay-jumbo growing, brilliantly turq. spangled race from Uruguay collection
"camopiensis6"125.00 ea.jumbo F1 male; likely the only individual of this uber rare Fr. Guiana species in all the US. A stunning show fish
"iporagensis3-3.5"35.00 eacb of Sao Paulo origin, a 'brasiliensis-like' species w/ red fins & lesser adult size
"pellegrini4-5"65.00 or 4 @ 60.00 ea.wild Upper Rio San Juan, Choco, Colombia rarities
""5.5-6"75.00 ea.wild adults w/ impressive heads & color
""7-8"125.00 ea.wild super colored giant show males w/ lg nuchal hump; rarely seen at this size!
"sveni5-6"125.00 or 2 @ 115.00 ea.wild Rio Parana young adults; arguably the most colorful/impressive earth eater w/ longest streamers
"sp. 'red head Tapajos'1.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 juveniles of md growing, colorful earth eaters
""3.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.cb young adults displaying beautiful mature coloration
Guinanacarastergiosi1.5-2"15.00 ea.cb juveniles of attractive Venezuelan 'bandit acara'
Herosefasciatus 'appendiculatus'2"20.00 or 5 @ 17.00 ea.wild Lago Moronacocha 'Peru turq. severum' (formerly known as H. appendiculatus); red spot blue head w/ orange ventral
"efasciatus 'Rio Arapuins'1.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 (aka Rio Tapajos) juveniles of brilliantly colored red & blue severums
"efasciatus 'Rio Negro'4-4.5"120.00 prwild Rio Negro young adult severums sporting turq. & maroon faced males & blue faced females
"" 5-6"150.00 prwild Rio Negro adult severums of lg size w/ emerald green & maroon lined body
"efasciatus 'rotkeil'6"+/-150.00 prwild Peru 'red head/rotkeil' severum of incredibly colorful jumbo adult size
"liberifer4-5"50.00 ea.wild recently described mouth-brooding red spotted/sided severums from Colombia
"notatus1.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.F1 Guyana severums; ornately patterned species w/ distinctive lime green body
Hoplarchuspsittacus3.5-4"55.00 or 4 @ 50.00 ea.wild Inirida, Colombia lg juveniles/adolescents in seldom offered md size
""7-9"250.00 prwild Orinoco long term captive 'parrot cichlids' displaying vivid green, ruby red eyes, rose-colored breast
Hypselecaratemporalis1.25-1.5"10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.cb juveniles of 'Peru chocolate cichlids'
""7"50.00 ea.jumbo sized cb 'Peru chocolate cichlids' w/ gorgeous red/green/purple colors
Ivanacaraadoketa2-3"125.00 triowild Rio Negro 'super-sized dwarf cichlid'; remarkble color/pattern
Kronoheroscf. umbrifera 'Rio Magdalena'2-2.5"12.50 ea.F1 Rio Magdalena 'blue freckled monster' juveniles
""3-3.5"20.00 ea.F1 Rio Magdalena 'blue freckled monster' chunky grow outs of next size up
"cf. umbrifera 'Rio Guatape'1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F2 juves of distinctly different 'Andean umbie' originating from Rio Guatape, Antioquia, Colombia
""3-3.5"25.00 ea.next size up on F2 grow out juveniles of gorgeous 'Andean umbies'
Laetacarafulvipinnis1.5"12.50 ea.wild Rio Inirida, Colombia aka 'orangeflossen'-rarely imported orange-finned, violet-faced beauties
""2-3"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.remarkable lg wild adults w/ gorgeous mature color
Mesoherosfestae1-1.25"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb juveniles of the gorgeous Ecuador 'red terror'
 festae2-2.5"25.00 or 6 @ 22.00 ea.wild Rio Babahayo, Ecuador 'red terror' - the real thing available as unsexed, chunky juveniles
Mikrogeophagusaltispinosa2.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.00 ea.wild (at last) 'rainbow/Bolivian ram' from Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Satanopercadaemon4-4.5"40.00 ea.lg sized, well-conditioned wild Rio Inirida daemon; highly spangled w/ red ventrals
"acuticeps4-5"50.00 ea.lg wild Rio Tapajos impressive '4 spot Satanos' w/ high dorsal
"leucosticta1.5"12.50 ea.F1 juves of white spangled Guyana earth eaters
"mapiritensis3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild iridescent green spangled Colombian earth eater w/ profusely spangled face
""4-4.5"25.00 or 4 @ 20.00 ea.wild sub-adults & adults; very impressive color, spangling, and showy fins
""5-6"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.very attractive and showy lg wild adults
Taeniacaracandidi1-1.25"15.00 ea.wild Rio Negro dwarf; uber showy little red/black beauties
Tahuantinsuyoamacantzatza3-4"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.wild, seldom imported 'stone roller acara' w/ gorgeous pearl pattern from Rio Aguaytia, Peru
Uaruamphiacanthoides6"125.00 ea.jumbo wild Rio Tapajos 'big spot amber Uaru'; very clean w/ super pattern
Amatitlanianigrofasciata1.5"7.50 ea.cb German origin Rio Motagua, Honduras 'zebra convict cichlids'
"sajica1.5"12.50 ea.cb Costa Rican gems of blue, yellow, & red colors
 siquia 'Rio Animas'2-2.5"10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.F1 red finned, blue/gold barred northern Costa Rica convict
""2-3"+25.00 pr / 3-3.5"male @ 15 ea.F1 adult pairs or lg males of darker base-colored colored CR convict
"siquia 'Rio Tempisque'2-2.5"10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.F1 blue/orange sided western Costa Rica convicts
""2-3"+25.00 pr / 3-3.5"male @ 15 ea.F1 adult pairs or lg males w/ fin extensions & great color
"sp. 'Honduran blue'1"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb Rio Danli, Honduras blue convicts (aka 'Honduran red point'), more aptly described as 'convict (condenar) azul'
Amphilophuscitrinellus 'gold barred'1.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' bred from the only two gold barred individuals from SF Libre, Lago Managua
"citrinellus 'red side barred'3-3.5"15.00 ea.F1 'red side barred' midas from population collected at Siquirres, Costa Rica
"labiatus 'yellow/white'1.5"6.50 ea.F2 juvenile Lago Nicaragua 'red devils' of bright yellow & white pair
""6-6.5"35.00 ea.F1 ylw/orng/white adolescent 'red devils'; progeny of most rarely encountered wild morph: a sole white w/ orange pair
"labiatus 'red/multicolor'3-3.5"18.00 ea.F1 juveniles from red/multi-colored Lago Nicaragua 'red devils' in ltd qty only
"sagittae2-2.5"10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.F2 juves from the cream sickle colored jumbo pair of exclusive TUIC Lago Xiloa import
""3-3.5"15.00 ea.next size up on F2 juveniles from cream sickle colored parents
Archocentruscentrarchus3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.F1 adolescents of Siquirres, Costa Rican blue/green colored, mild mannered 'flier cichlids'
""4-4.5"25.00 ea.F1 Siquirres, CR young adults beginning to display mature coloration of gold body & fins w/ sky blue sides
Cryptoheroscutteri1.5"8.50 ea.German cb Rio Jutiapa, Honduras juveniles of bright gold & blue colors
Herichthyscarpintis7-8"75.00 ea.cb jumbo show 'Laguna Vontehillo' solo male w/ large emerald spots
"tamasopoensis1.5"8.50 ea.cb Rio Gallinas, MX jewels featuring attractive green spangles
Herotilapiamultispinosa - Limon1"10.00 ea.F1 Rio Cieneguita, Limon, CR juves of predominantly amber orange colored 'rainbow cichlids'
"multispinosa - Tempisque1.5"8.50 ea.F1 Rio Tempisque, Costa Rica 'rainbow cichlids' of blue finned, orange bodied population
""2-2.5"12.50 ea.F1 Rio Tempisque, Costa Rica 'rainbow cichlids' in next size up
Hypsophrysnicaraguensis2-2.5"10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.cb 'macaw cichlid' juveniles of multicolored Costa Rican race
""5-6"120.00 triocb absolutely glowing Costa Rican lg adult adults in 1:3 ratio
Maskoherosargentea1.5-2"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb juves of lg growing & showy species; blk freckled, pearl colored body w/ high profile
Neetroplusnematopus 2.5-3"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.F1 'blue faced neets' from Rio Grande de Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Panamiuspanamensis1-1.25"8.50 ea.cb Panama 'red form' of md growing, highly colorful species
Parachromisfriedrichsthalii1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F1 juves from collection of Rio Danto, Honduras population of 'freddy'
"managuensis4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb 'jaguar cichlid' of chunky size; boldly contrasting black & white pattern w/ red eyes
"motaguensis 'red tiger'2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb colorful Honduran 'red tiger mots' juveniles
Rociooctofasciata1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.German cb 'Chiapas dempsey' w/ lg iridescent blue spangles and mulberry purple colored belly
Rheoheroslentiginosus1.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.50 ea.F1 Rio Chacamax, MX juves; blue & pink pastel colored beauties adapted to riverine habitat
Thorichthyshelleri1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F1 juveniles of rarely offered Rio Chacamax, MX blue & ylw beauties
"maculipinnis 'Dos Caños'1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F1 juveniles of bright orange & blue splangled population collected from 'Dos Caños, MX'
"maculipinnis 'R. Papaloapan'1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.German cb origin of Rio Papaloapan, Veracruz, MX origin w/ red cheek & honey colored abdomen
"meeki3-4"25.00 ea.German cb adults of Rio Candelaria, Campeche, MX in very ltd qty only
"pasiones1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb brilliant gold colored, Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala juves of largest growing Thorichthys species
""3-4"25.00 ea.cb very impressive Lago de Atitlan adults of super size & color
Trichromissalvini 'R. Grijalva'1.25-1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.F1 juves of brilliantly red/ylw/blue colored population collected from Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, MX
Viejabifasciata 1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb 'red bifas' juveniles of highly colorful red headed/sided Rio Grijalva form
""4-4.5"25.00 ea.F1 'red bifas' grow outs w/ color from population collected in Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, Mexico
"breidohri1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.German cb 'Presa la Angostura, Chiapas, MX' juveniles
"melanura 1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.juves. of colorful orange/gold/blue 'Laguna Yaxha, Guatemala' race
""2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.next size up on juvenile grow outs of 'Laguna Yaxha melans'
""3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.limited quantity of largest sized grow outs on hand - with color
"melanura 'var. synspila'4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb 'red headed synspila' of adolescent size w/ color
"" 5-6"35.00 ea.cb 'red head synspila' young adult red heads w/ color
Anomalochromisthomasi1.5-2"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb lavender sided/turquoise spangled 'African butterfly cichlid', gorgeous dwarf species from Guinea
Chalinochromisbrichardi2-2.5"20.00 or 4 @ 17.50 ea.cb young adults of charming & emboldened little Tanganyikan treasure w/ conspicuous mask
Hemichromisbimaculatus4-5"25.00 ea.cb jumbo sized, deep red/blue spangled jewels
"guttatus2-3"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb md growing jewel cichlid w/ crimson red body & turquoise spangles
"lifalili2-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb brilliant blood red, turq. spangled, semi-dwarf jewel cichlids
"sp. 'turquoise jewel'4-5"25.00 ea.cb jumbo sized, highly colorful 'turquoise jewels'
Paratilapiableekeri 'sm. spot'3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb 'small spot marakely' or 'bleekeri' - highly attractive Madagascar species
Paretropluskieneri5-6"200.00 prcb adult pair of Madagascar 'calico/dalmation damba'; a very rare offer
Pelvichachromispulcher2-2.5"10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea.great sized cb 'rainbow kribensis'; the quintessential W. Afr. Dwarf cichlid
Tilapiabuttekoferi4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb chunky 'hornet Tilapia' w/ bold & highly attractive yellow/black bars
Brachychalcinusretrospina2.5"28.00 ea.rare import of ml growing 'discus tetra' from Bahia state, southern Brazil
Chromidobotiamacracanthus3-3.5"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.chunky md sized clown loaches; ideal compliment to most md-lg fish communities
Compsaraiasamueli7-8"300.00 prone m/f pair available of rarely imported 'pelican knife fish'
Curimatavittata5"95.00 ea.very rarely collected, ornately banded Curimata; awesome 10" growing show characin
Hydrolycusarmatus13-14"350.00 ea.one ea. of lg & xl sized real 'Colombian sabertooth payara'
Laemolytataeniata7-8"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.super rarely imported Anostomid with striking thick blue-black horizontal stripe & gold back
Leporinusfasciatus9"125.00 ea.rarely exported xl size of bright yellow/black banded, red-cheeked showy characin
Mastacembeluserythrotaenia15-18"150.00 ea.rarely imported jumbo sized 'Indonesian fire eels' of very limited quantity
Metynnisfasciatus3"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.cb 'barred' or 'tiger silver dollar'; very impressive in shoal, grows to only 6"
Mylossomaduriventre4-5"35.00 ea.seldom imported, uniquely deep-keeled wild Brazil silver dollar w/ blood red fins
Myleusschomburgkii 'wide bar'4-4.5"55.00 or 3 @ 50.00 ea.wild 'wide bar/blue hook' silver dollars of great size & pattern
""5-5.5"65.00 ea.wild large sized wide bar/blue hooks'
""6-7"100.00 ea.giant sized indivuals w/ orange-red blotches and wide bar/blue hook
Piaractusmesopotamicus8-9"40 ea, 2 @ 35 ea, 4 @ 30 ea.rare import of 'ylw belly pacu', 'pacu caranha'- looks like giant pacu but grows to only 18"
Potamotrygoncastexi10"350.00 ea.gorgeous male 'otorongo ray' w/ gold polka dots on black body
Serrasalmuscompressus5-6"180.00 or 2 @ 165.00 ea.rarely imported purple/black spotted, red finned piranha
Tetragonopterusargenteus1.5-2"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.ml growing 'stoplight tetra'; attractive addition/alternative dither sp. in md-ml community
Triportheusangulatus5-6"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.lg 'triport hatchets' that grow to super size of 7-8"! Awesome mid-water activity for md-lg communities
Ancistrusclaro 'Mato Grosso'1.5-2"25.00 or 6 @ 22.00 ea.LDA008 real wild 'gold marbled bristle nose plecos' from Mato Grosso, Brazil
Baryancistrusbeggini2.5-3"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.L239 'blue Panaque' from Colombia; uniquely colored navy blue pleco
""3.5-4"45.00 or 2 @ 40.00 ea.L239 'blue Panaque' in next largest size
"subviridis5-6"55.00 ea.L200 'green phantom pleco' of seldom offered, remarkably large size
Brachyplatysplomatigrinum6"295.00 ea.awesome 'tigrinus cats' of solid 6" chunky size in very ltd qty only
Callophysusmacropterus5-6"75.00 ea.very difficult to import, highly attractive 'vulture cat'; has 'giant Pim' appearance, yet only grows to 18"
Centromochlusreticulatus1-1.75"25.00 or 5 @ 22.00 ea.rare import of highly ornate, mini-sized leopard-spotted cats
Corydorascf. araguaiaensis2-2.5"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.rare import of wild Rio Araguaia Cory, super size w/ big, bold spot pattern
Hemiancistrusguahiborum3-3.5"15 ea, 4 @ 12.50 ea, 8 @ 10 ea.L106 'spotted orange seam pleco'; hardy, colorful, md growing pleco
"sp. 'blue phantom'5-6"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.L128 'blue phantom pleco' of seldom offered, remarkably large size
Hemiodontichthysacipenserinus5-6"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.'pinocchio nosed whiptail' from Peru; bizarre looking & seldom imported
Leporacanthicuscf. galaxius2.5-3"35.00 ea.L240 'Orinoco white spotted vampire pleco' - jet black body & fins covered in white polka dots
""4-4.5"50.00 ea.L240 'Orinoco white spotted vampire pleco' in next size up
""5-5.5"65.00 ea.L240 'Orinoco white spotted vampire pleco' of impressive lg size
"heterodon3.5-4"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.'gold vampire pleco'; Rio Xingu spiny treasure w/ gold body covered in black polka dots
"joselimai2.5-3"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.L264 'sultan pleco'; super spiny Tapajos- cream body w/ black spots & white tipped fins
"triactis4-4.5"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.L091 'three beacon pleco'; beautiful red/orange & blk banded adipose, dorsal & caudal spines
Leptodorascf. cataniai5-6"35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.extremely elongated w/ pointed plates stretching from gill to tail; unusual periwinkle colored doradid cat from Peru
Liosomodorasoncinus2.5-2.75"35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.boldly marked 'jaguar cats' of gorgeous orange & amber w/ intricate black markings
""3-4"50.00 ea.large sized 'jaguar cats' in ltd qty only
Lophiosilurusalexandri8-10"125 ea, 2 @ 115 ea, 4 @ 100 ea.Rio Sao Francisco wild pacman cats; such an unusual, incredibly cool cat
Megalechisthoracata2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.wild Peru 'spotted Hoplo cats', attractively patterned, easily spawned, excellent scavenger, peaceful cat
Megalodorasuranoscopus4-5"35.00 ea.huge growing, attractively marbled 'prehistoric irwini cat'; cannot swallow but smallest of tank mates
Oxydorasniger6-7"35.00 ea.huge growing, handsome purple/black colored 'prehistoric niger cat'; cannot swallow but smallest of tank mates
Panaqolusalbivermis2-2.5"28.00 or 3 @ 25.00 ea.L204 'flash zebra pleco'; boldly banded ylw & black, mini-Panaque
Panaquearmbrusteri 'Jamanxim'3.5"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.L027 'golden thunder royal'; gold & black lined ultra showy race
"armbrusteri 'Tocantins'5"100.00 ea.L027 'platinum royal'; boldly contrasting cream & black lined race
"bathyphilus8-9"100.00 ea.L090 Peru 'white lyre tailed royal pleco' - gorgeous, lg & showy, highly impressive
Parancistrusaurantiacus5"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.jumbo sized Rio Tocantins 'chubby/rubber plecos'
Peckoltiabraueri4"50.00 ea.L305 Rio Demini 'worm-line Peckoltia'; highly attractive w/ orange fins & maze pattern on head; ltd qty only
"compta2"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.L134 Tapajos 'leopard frog pleco'; very attractive, sm. species of high demand for captive breeding
"lineola3.5-4"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.L202 bold, attractive wide, wavy black bars over a light colored body, hardy & md growing
"sp. L1403-4"45.00 eaL140 rarely imported Rio Carua-Una; attractive w/ unique gold/black bands
Pimelodusalbofasciatus5-6"20.00 or 2 @ 17.50 ea.'four lined Pim cats'; active species that mixes well in md-lg community tanks
"ornatus2-2.5"20.00 ea.boldly patterned/very attractive md growing Peru Pim cats
Pseudacanthicushistrix3.5-4.5"125.00 ea.L064 'Rio Branco, Roraima' very rare import of xl growing, N. Brazil 'monster blue spiny pleco'
"leopardus4-4.5"220.00 ea.L600 'Rio Branco, Roraima' the real deal! Extremely rare import of large growing (to 16"!) beauties
""5-6"250.00 or 2 @ 235.00 ea.L600 'Rio Branco, Roraima' of already impressive size w/ red fins
"spinosus3-3.5"50.00 or 2 @ 45.00 ea.L160 'monster spiny pleco'; impressively spiny, spotted cactus-type pleco
Pseudopimelodusbufonis4-4.5"40.00 ea.wild orange & blk banded bee cat from Colombia; beautifully patterned, grow to 12" max
Pseudorinelepisgenibarbis4-4.5"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.wild Peru 'pinecone pleco'; unique leather-like skin, body covered by armor-like plates
Pterodorasgranulosus9-10"40 ea, 2 @ 35 ea, 3 @ 30 ea.jumbo growing 'prehistoric cats' - awesome show cats; cannot swallow but smallest of tank mates
Pterygoplichthysambrosettii10-12"50.00 ea.'snow king pleco' individual of large size; very intricate & attractive pattern
"gibbiceps 'albino'3.5-4"30.00 ea.L083 / L165 'albino sailfin plecos' - super showy morph of ivory color w/ red eyes
Rhinodorasgallagheri5-7"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.lg-xl sized, very rare import of beautifully patterned Colombian gold/brown/black marbled thorny cat
Scobinancistrussp. L3683.5-4"75.00 or 2 @ 70.00 ea.L368 'white spotted cloud pleco'; lg bold white spots cover black body & fins; incredibly showy Tapajos pleco
Squaliformaemarginata8"35.00 ea.L011 'red fin thresher pleco'-uniquely stretched body covered in blk spots, red edged tail
Synodontisdecorus2.5-3"18.00 or 3 @ 15.00 ea.cb African cats w/ attractive lg spots
"eupterus6-7"35.00 ea.super sized, ornate African catfish with huge, feathered dorsal fin-great in md-lg communities
Tatiagalaxius1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.F1 'milky way wood cats' of juveniles size; md growing, very attractive white spots over velvet black body
""2.5-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 next size up on 'milky way wood cats'; chunky md size; go bananas when food they smell food
Tetranematichthysquadrifilis4-5"100.00 prone M:F pair available of highly unusual, mahogany-colored Colombian 'shoe head cats'
Trachelyopterusgaleatus8"50.00 or 3 @ 45.00 ea.rarely imported at jumbo size; boldly marbled gold/black Peru wood cats
Trichomycterusgabrielli5-6"28.00 ea.rarely imported Brazilian 'eel-like cat'; very attractive w/ jaguar spots over entire body

blue phantom


















orange seam


















pictured above: Just some of the remarkably colored and attractively patterned plecos and catfish on hand. Adult Callophysus cat and L160 photos shown for reference. Sizes of stock fish are posted on availability.







red head Tapajos

brasil Urug




turq acara














pictured above: Just some of the many species of earth eaters, acaras, and S. Am. dwarf cichlids available. Adult photos of G. sveni, A. tetramerus 'Peru', C. amazonarum, G. argyrostictus, and G. cf. brasiliensis 'Uruguay' included for reference. Sizes of stock fish are posted on stock page












pictured above: Some of the many seldom offered S. Am. cichlid species available. Adult photos of C. myersi, M. atromaculatum, H. notatus, and C. cf. umbrifera included for reference. Sizes of stock fish posted on stock page.








rt mot



gold bar

gold bar






red devil







pictured above: The above Central American cichlid species (and a few African species) plus many, many more are all immediately available. Adult photos are shared for reference. Stock sizes are posted on stock page.



fire eel

clown loach


castexi, galeatus






pictured above: Some of the many seldom seen characins 'tetras', cyprinids 'carps/barbs', and other odd balls on hand.

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