TANGLED UP IN CICHLIDS STOCKLIST FOR WEEK OF MARCH 12TH 2018 email: jeff.tuic@gmail.com, phone: 908-387-9858    
  (Total Length in Inches)(in USD $)(Wild fish include the word 'wild' in description, 'F1' = 1st generation stock bred from wild collected adults, 'cb' = captive bred of unspecified generation)
Acarichthysheckelii4-5"35.00 ea.cb Peruvian 'thread fins' of super size, color, & impressive filaments on fins
Aequidenstetramerus2.5-3"15.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare 'saddled acara'- juveniles of large growing acara w/ ornate fins
""4-5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare 'saddled acara'- young adults of chunky size w/ beautifully decorated fins
Andinoacararivulatus5-5.5"50.00 ea.cb adult, richly colored 'gold suam-green terror' of robust size
Biotodomawavrini2-2.5"15.00 ea.wild Rio Inírida; md growing, peaceful species which develops streamers on fins w/ gorgeous pastel colored body
Bujurquinamariae3.5-4.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare gems; this is an attractive acara that has not been in the ornamental trade for many years
"sp. 'Rio Guavaire'3.5-4.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare; intricate turq. spot cheeks; resembles B. cf. peregrinabunda photographed by U. Werner
Caquetaiamyersi2.5-3"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.wild juves.of very rarely offered/seen, uniquely shaped/brighly colored sp. collected at San José Del Fragüa, Rio Caquetá-ltd qty only
Cichla kelberi2-2.5"45.00 or 4 @ 40.00 ea.F1 Rio Doce juveniles of gorgeous gold spangled , smaller growing bass
Cichlasomabimaculatum2-2.5"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.wild Saramacca River, Suriname collected 'black acara' is actually a gold/pastel colored sp. w/ ornate fins; very rare wild import
"dimerus1.5"12.50 ea.F1 juveniles from Uruguay collection of iridescent green/gold 'port-type cichlid' in ltd qty only
"sp. 'Esmeraldas gold'3-4"40.00 or 4 @ 35.00 ea.wild R. Esmeraldas, Ecuador collected, absolutely remarkable golden xanthic acara; never imported/seen by me before-sexed prs avail
Crenicichlacf. lugubris 'Venezuela'5-6"55.00 or 2 @ 50.00 ea.wild Puerto Inírida, Rio Inírida collected - a large growing, gold/pink pastel colored pike w/ boldly spotted head in ltd qty only
"sp. 'Rio Guavaire'7-8"75.00 ea.wild male from R. Guavaire, COL w/ lavender & orange colored body, ornate red on fins- only one individual available
Geophagusabalios3-3.5"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.wild Colombian earth eater w/ orange & green horizonal stripes & red/green spotted tail
"altifrons 'Rio Tapajos'3.5-4"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.cb R. Tapajos form of lg growing & showy earth eater that develops streamers on fins
"argyrostictus1.5-2"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.wild Rio Xingu 'tear striped earth eater' juveniles- very rare import of spectacular Geo
"itapicurensis3-4"65.00 ea.wild Rio Itapicuru rarity; lavender/gold sides, lg spangles, red/blue striped fins-last seen by me >20 years ago in one time import
"sp. 'Aporema'1.5-2"18.00 or 6 @ 15.00 ea.F1 juves. of very newly collected Brazil gem w/ apricot sides, alternating orange & lime green horizontal stripes
"sp. 'red head Tapajos' cb2"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.cb juveniles of attractive, md growing 'red head Tapajos Geos'
"sp. 'red head Tapajos' wild3-4"55.00 or 4 @ 50.00 ea.wild Rio Tapajos collected individuals of great size & color
Gymnogeophaguslabiatus1.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'blue Yerbalito/Rio Yerbalito, Uruguay' juveniles of beautifully colored/spangled cool-hardy earth eater
Herosefasciatus3.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.cb Brazilian 'red streaked turquoise severum' of impressive size & color
"notatus1.5-2"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.F2 juves of briliantly colored gold/green Guyana severums
"severus - true 'red tiger'8-9"250.00 ea.wild upper R. Negro jumbo sized adults displaying [nearly] implausible coloration
"sp. 'red spot gold severum'3.5-4"50.00 pr.cb 'red spotted gold severum' pairs of super size & color; excellent addition to md-ml, less aggressive community
Hoplarchuspsittacus5-6"75.00 ea.wild Puerto Inírida, Rio Inírida 'parrot cichlids' of hefty size & mostly mature coloration; lg growing, very showy & personable cichlid
Hypselecaratemporalis3.5-4"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.cb young adults of 'Peru chocolates'; richly colored, mild mannered & showy sp. featuring emerald body, plum fins, blood red eyes
Kronoherosumbriferus4-4.5"50.00 or 4 @ 45.00 ea.wild from Giradot on Rio Magdalena, Colombia - robust, unsexed adolescent 'blue freckled umbies'
Laetacaraflavilabris2-3"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.wild rarity of 'dwarf smiling acara' collected from San José del Rio Guaviare; attractive yellow/black striped head w/ blue anal fin
"fulvipinnis2-3"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.rarely collected 'dwarf smiling acara' from Rio Inírida w/ purple on face & dorsal fin, orange & blue streaked anal & caudal fins
Mesoherosfestae4-4.5"85.00 ea.F1 Rio Babahayo 'red terror' of super size & color; a rare offer in adolescent size
"gephyrus1.5"25.00 or 5 @ 22.00 ea.wild juveniles from R. Calima in extreme south of Choco State, Colombia - a rarely imported, brilliant red & blue spangled beauty
""2.5-3" / 3.5-4.5"50.00 ea. / 75.00 ea.wild md-lg sized juveniles of highly desirable, lg growing & showy species
Pterophyllumscalare 'Leticia'2.5 x 3.5"28.00 or 4 @ 25.00 ea.wild angels collected at Leticia on Rio Amazonas - a uniquely located city at border of Colombia/Peru/Brazil
"scalare 'Manacapuru'1.5 x 2.5"18.00 or 5 @ 15.00 ea.F1 'red back Manacapuru angels'- nicely sized juveniles of beautifully colored red back scalare
Retroculuslapidifer1-1.25"25.00 or 5 @ 22.00 ea.new offer of F1 Rio Tocantins gems; entertaining to observe swimming w/ goby-like movements & rainbow of color
Uaruamphiacanthoides3-3.5"36.00 ea.great sized cb Uaru; handsome, ml growing, a classic favorite among S. Am. cichlid keepers/breeders
Amatitlaniakanna3.5-4"25.00 ea.F1 Rio Banano lg 'bull males' of blue throated species w/ purple cheeks & purple sheen to body; only one still available
"septemfasciata1.25-1.5"8.50 ea.cb juveniles of blue eyed, maroon colored Rio San Jose, CR collection in ltd qty
"cf. siquia 'blue Honduran'1.25-1.5"7.50 or 6 @ 6.50 ea.cb 'Honduran redpoint blue convict' juveniles
"cf. siquia 'blue Honduran'3-3.5"15.00 ea.cb 'Honduran redpoint blue convict' lg males of great size & intense blue coloration
"cf. siquia 'marbled Honduran'2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'marbled Honduran convicts' This is my 1st distribution of this form; unique pearly sides w/ blue-black marbling
"cf. nigrofasciata 'marbled convict'2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'marbled' or 'calico convict' of stocky md size - no two fish are patterned alike
Amphilophuscitrinellus 'gold barred'3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' bred from the only two gold barred individuals from SF Libre, Lago Managua, NIC
""4-4.5"20.00 ea.F1 'gold barred midas' of the next size up from TUIC exclusive Nicaragua import
"labiatus2-2.5"15.00 ea.F2 'Isla Zapatera, Lago Nicaragua' juveniles of 'red devil' from wild red female x F1 red/white male-ltd qty remaining
"lyonsi1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb juveniles of likely to be extinct in wild species (I've tried unsuccessfully to find them on three occasions in CR and PAN)
"sagittae1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb juves from 2 generations of full creamsickle colored adults; already turning white & orange by 1.5" size
""2-2.5"12.50 ea.next size up on colored creamsickle grow outs of TUIC exclusive Nicaragua import
Chiapaherosgrammodes1.5"10.00 ea.F1 juveniles from collection at Tuxtla Guttierez, Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, MX
Cincelichthysbocourti1.5"15.00 or 6 @ 12.50 ea.cb juves of large growing, mild mannered/well behaved species of amber-orange color
Herotilapiamultispinosa2.5-3"15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.cb 'rainbow cichlid' grow outs w/ beautiful amber & orange colors
Hypsophrysnicaraguensis2-2.5"10.00 or 6 @ 8.50 ea.cb 'macaw cichlid' juveniles of multicolored Costa Rican race
""3.5-4"20.00 ea.cb Costa Rican 'macaw cichlid' grow out males with brilliant mature color - ltd qty only
Maskaherosargentea2-2.5"18.00 or 6 @ 15.00 ea.cb juves of large growing, very showy species; pearl/opalescent sides, black freckles, high profile w/ tall dorsal
Neetroplusnematopus 3-3.5"18.00 ea.F1 juveniles of robust & uniquely 'blue faced neets' from R. Grande de Matagalpa, Nicaragua in ltd qty only
""4-4.5"35.00 ea.F1 young adult males in ltd qty
Nosferatulabridens1.5" 20.00 or 5 @ 17.50 ea.F1 Laguna Media Luna 'yellow & black labridens' juveniles
""2-2.5"30.00 or 4 @ 27.00 ea.next size up on grow out juveniles of 'yellow & black labridens'
Oscuraheterospila1"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.cb juveniles of multi-colored, mild mannered species which may be safely kept w/ sm-md growing tank mates
Parachromisdovii1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 7.50 ea.juveniles from wild R. Tempisque Costa Rica male
"managuensis3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.cb 'jaguar cichlids' of boldly patterned, intricate black & white markings
Paraneetroplusbulleri1.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb Rio Sarabia gems; graceful & strong swimming, colorful red fins w/ metallic green & violet sides
Peteniasplendida3-3.5"15.00 or 4 @ 12.50 ea.cb md juvenile 'red bay snook' - grows large but low on aggression scale; this solid orange-red morph is highly attractive
Talamancaherossieboldii1.5"10.00 ea.F2 Rio Gariche, PAN. juveniles of robust, red spotted, black 'bandit-masked' species
""2-2.5"15.00 ea.next size up on F2 grow outs
Thorichthysmaculipinnis1.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb Rio Papaloapan juveniles of red-orange breasted, blue spangled beauties
Trichromissalvini 'Grijalva'1.25-1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 8.00 ea.F1 juveniles of Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, MX origin where both sexes are bright yellow and blue; females w/ most red
"salvini4-4.5"25.00 ea.cb adults of bold yellow, red, & black markings
Viejabifasciata2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.F1 'red bifas' of Rio Grijalva, Chiapas, MX collected population
"breidohri3-3.5"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.cb pastel colored species of blue & pink w/ red eyes
"hartwegi3-3.5"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 Rio Comitan, Chiapas, MX origin for large juveniles
""5-6"28.00 ea.F1 Rio Comitan adolescents of great size displaying red & blue spotting
""8-10"150.00 pr.wild jumbo R. Comitan adult pairs in super color - a very rare offer in ltd qty only
"maculicauda7-7.5"50.00 ea.cb 'black belt cichlids' of great size & color; rich red colored throat & caudal fin are characteristic of mature individuals
"sp. 'Coatzacoalcos'1.5"8.50 or 6 @ 8.00 ea.F2 R. Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, MX origin juveniles of mostly blue colored beauty w/ red fins
""2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.next size up on R. Coatzacoalcos grow out juveniles
"var. 'synspila'4-4.5" / 6"30.00 ea. / 45.00 ea.cb 'red head synspila' of robust adolescent & young adults sizes displaying gorgeous color
Cyphotilapiafrontosa3"36.00 ea.cb six bar 'Burundi fronts' of great size & pattern
Hemichromisfasciatus2.5-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.F1 Lake Volta, Ghana juveniles - the epitome of 'five spot jewels'; a large growing, highly colorful W. African rarity in the trade
"lifalili2.5-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.cb neon red colored jewels w/ turquoise spots on body & fins; super md cichlid/community species that stays under 4"
Heterotilapiabuttekoferi2-2.5"12.50 or 6 @ 10.00 ea.cb 'hornet Tilapia' of nice size w/ bold yellow & black vertical bars; grows large & showy
Oreochromissp. niloticus12"50.00 ea.cb cream sickle colored 'Tilapia' of large size & attractive color/pattern - only one available
Placidochromiscf. phenochilus 'Tanzania'4-5"125.00 triocb 'star sapphire Hap'; a spectacularly colorful & showy sapphire blue species w/ white-gold flake pattern- 1 male + 2 females available
NON-CICHLIDS, ODDBALLS, CHARACINS, CYPRINIDS, ETC. (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Anabastestudineus3-4"25.00 ea.the 'banded climbing perch'-extremely hardy gourami w/ amazing ability to remain out of water for days if kept moist; grows to 10"
Barbodeslateristriga3-4"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild Thai collected 'spanner 'T' barb' of great size; an attractively striped/banded barb that grows to robust 6-7" size
Belontiahasselti5-6"65.00 ea.Thai collected 'honeycomb combtail'; a robust & rare import of lg size that competes well w/ ml sized species - only one fish avail
Bryconfalcatus16-17"150.00 ea.jumbo 'personal pet' of robust, active, attractively marked dorado-like characin - just one individual/special offer only
Cirrhinusmicrolepis4.5-5"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.seldom imported red-finned Thai mud carp; semi-elongated iridescent body w/ very cool red tail
Dawkinsiafilamentosa3-3.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.Myanmar-collected 'filament barb'; a super colorful (chartreuse & red w/ black), md growing (5") barb ideal for md community
Distichodussp. Lefini River 'red & black'1.5"25.00 ea.cb juveniles of newly available, highly attractive red & black finned, md growing African 'watermelon Distichodus'
Hampalamacrolepidota5-5.5" / 6.5-7.5"40.00 ea. / 65.00 ea.rare import of lg growing, robust, colorful, & active cyprinid; coveted sport fish that amounts to a great larger community species
Hopliasaimara4"350.00 ea.rare Suriname import of the giant growing 'Aimara wolf' in manageable juvenile size - ltd qty available
"curupira 'Suriname'7-8"250.00 ea.Suriname collected 'black wolf fish' of chunky size; an entirely different form than we are used to seeing from Orinoco - very ltd qty
Hoplerythrinusunitaeniatus9-10"125.00 ea.rarely imported/seen in jumbo size: 'gold wolf fish/shuyo amarillo' imported from Peru - only one individual still available
Hypsibarbuswetmorei4-4.5"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild Thai 'lemon fin barb'; a seldom imported & attractive cyprinid that reaches about 10"
Incisilabeobehri3-4"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.wild Thai 'dolphin head barb'; a rarely imported show species - very seldom offered in juvenile size
Labeodyocheilus4.5-6" / 8-10"35.00 ea. / 100.00 ea.Thai 'blue shark'; a rarely collected, lg growing & impressively finned cyprinid- ltd qty on md & only 2 lg size available
Labiobarbussiamensis3-3.5" / 5-5.5"22.00 ea. / 35.00 ea.seldom imported, Thai barb w/ long dorsal fin, black spotted scales, & pastel colored sides
Lepomisminiatus2.5"15.00 ea.native N. Am. 'red spotted sunfish'; a md growing (5-6") attractively colored & cool hardy addition to md community-ltd qty only
Leporinusgossei5-6"35.00 or 4 @ 30.00 ea.rarely imported Suriname jewel w/ honey colored body & variously sized black spots/bars; an attractive addition to ml community
Leptobotiataeniops3.5-4"65.00 or 3 @ 60.00 ea.rare import of 'Chinese honeycomb loach'; a robust cool-hardy species w/ very attractive, individually intricate pattern
Lobocheilosrhabdoura4-4.5"25.00 ea.rarely imported Thai barb w/ pink tail & pink spots on flanks - ltd qty only
Markiananigripinnis4-4.5"35.00 or 4 @ 32.00 ea.very rarely imported Pantanal, Brazil collection of rubust & unique, ml growing, ventrally red finned tetra
Metynnisfasciatus3.5-4"40.00 ea.cb 'tiger silver dollar' of super size - great dither w/ md-ml sized cichlids or mixed communities; will not even eat cichlid fry in tank
Osphronemusexodon4-4.5"85.00 ea.Thai 'elephant ear gourami'; a very rarely imported red & black scaled giant growing gourami - unique species for lg community
"laticlavis6-7"85.00 ea.giant 'red tail gorami' of Indonesia/Malaysia; a highly attractive show fish for lg communities that can reach 20"
Osteobramafeae3.5-4"65.00 ea.deeply keeled/knife-like bodied Thai cyprinid; an extremely rare import in very ltd qty only
Osteochilushasselti5-6"35.00 ea.seldom imported red-finned Thai hard lipped barb; attractive red fins, red spotted flanks w/ long dorsal fin
Neolissochilussoroides3-4"50.00 ea.Thai 'Soro brook carp'; a rarely imported 'yellow fin mahseer' that grows to about 18"
Potamotrygonmarinae5" 1800.00 pr.extreme rare import of recently described, Suriname beauties w/ glowing gold flower pattern-1 pr avail (net price/no discount)
""7"900.00 ea.two medium males displaying more mature/bold flower pattern (net price/no discount)
Pygocentruspiraya5"200.00 ea.R. São Francisco giant growing, brilliantly honey to red colored piranha - only two still available
"ternetzi5"250.00 ea.R. São Francisco collected at Tres Marias, Minas Gerais; brilliant gold colored piranha - only two still available
Sahyadriadenisonii2.5"18.00 or 5 @ 15.00 ea.cb 'red line torpedo barb', highly attractive Indian barb for md communities
Serrasalmusrhombeus8-9"200.00 ea.Suriname collected blue/black rhom of large size *imperfect, hence low price (slight twist in dorsal fin as a result of regrown fin)
LORICARIIDAE - PLECOSTOMUS SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Acanthicushystrix8-9"150.00 ea.L155 'lyre tail pleco' of R. Branco, Roraima, Brazil; xl growing, super thorny, jet black, prehistoric-looking showy pleco; just 1 avail
Ancistrinisp. L0692.5-3"40.00 or 3 @ 35.00 ea.L069 rarely collected gold & black uniquely banded gem from Alenquer, R. Amazonas
Baryancistruschrysolomus3.5-4"85.00 ea.L047 'mango pleco' from Rio Xingu; remarkable evergreen body w/ gold trimmed fins
"xanthellus1.5-2"40.00 ea.L177 variation of 'gold nugget pleco' from Rio Iriri; covered in md-lg yellow polka dots w/ yellow trimmed fins
"sp. LDA0333"55.00 or 3 @ 50.00 ea.LDA033/L142 'snowball pleco' collected from Pimental, Rio Tapajos; sports bold contrast of lg white polka dots on solid black body
Chaetostomaformosae2-2.5"12.50 or 5 @ 10.00 ea.L187B 'blonde bulldog pleco' from Rio Guamal, COL; small growing pleco, excellent algae grazer
Hemiancistrussp. L1282.5" / 3-4"35.00 ea. / 50.00 ea.L128 'blue phantom pleco' w/ denim blue body & fins covered by arctic blue spots/spangles
Hemiodontichthysacipenserinus5"50.00 ea.Peruvian 'Pinocchio-nose whiptail'; incredibly unique w/ super elongated knobbed snout- only one available
Hypancistrussp. L1742"215.00 or 3 @ 200.00 ea.L174 very rare collection of highly coveted Rio Xingu collected individuals
"margaritatus1-1.25"25.00 ea.L404 Rio Branco F1 juveniles of rarely imported chocolate 'Hypan' covered w/ gold jewel spots - very ltd qty only
Leporacanthicuscf. galaxius L0072.5-3"50.00 ea.L007 'gold spot vampire pleco'; a robust & attractive species from Rio Guama, Brazil
"cf. galaxius L2412.5-3"50.00 ea.L241 'flat vampire pleco'; a rare import from Orinoco basin w. markedly flattened body & cream colored spots
"heterodon2.5-3"55.00 ea.Rio Xingu 'gold vampire pleco'; bold black polka dots on gold-tan colored spiny body
"joselimai2.5"55.00 ea.L264 'sultan pleco'-a long snout 'vampire type pleco;' from Rio Tapajos w/ white tipped fins, bold black polka dots on grey body
Panaqoluschangae2.5-3"35.00 or 3 @ 32.00 ea.L226 Peru collected, attractively banded md growing species
Panaquecochliodon8-10"450.00 ea.Rio Magdalena 'blue eyed Panaque'; truly a prehistoric-looking show pleco w/ blue eyes & jet black body; ltd qty only
"cf. nigrolineatus L3309-11"100.00 ea.Rio Meta collected jumbo sized 'watermelon royal plecos'; super spotted xl individuals in ltd qty
"schaeferi3-3.5"50.00 ea.LDA065/L203 'titanic royal pleco' - an extremely attractive, giant growing 'royal pleco' w/ white lyre tail from Peru - only 1 avail
Parancistusaurantiacus3-3.5"35.00 ea.Rio Tocantins 'chubby pleco' of robust size
"nudiventris3-3.5"45.00 ea.L031 'peppermint pleco' from Rio Xingu; jet black w/ small white-light blue spots over body & fins; ltd qty
Peckoltiasabaji4.5-5" / 6-7"50.00 ea. / 65.00 ea.L075 'Para pleco' or as I've dubbed it: 'decorus pleco' for Syno. decorus-like lg. spotted fins; hardy & highly attrative of super size
"vittata3-3.5"35.00 ea.L015 'candy stripe Peckoltia' from R. Xingu; bold vertical black bars on gold body
Pseudacanthicuspitanga3.5-4"100.00 ea.L024 'red fin cactus pleco' from Rio Tocantins; great md size in ltd qty only
"sp. L0653-3.5"75.00 or 3 @ 65.00 ea.L065 'blizzard cactus' or 'mustang cactus pleco' - F1 adorable juveniles of very rarely imported Pseuda. species in ltd qty
"sp. LDA1056"600.00 ea.LDA105 'typhoon' or 'fire spot cactus pleco'- very rare import of outrageously colorful show species; only one individual available
Pseudancistrusasurini5-6"100.00 ea.L067 attractive & robust white spotted pleco from R. Xingu w/ gold trimmed fins; great size in ltd qty only
"barbatus7-8"150.00 ea.extremely rare Suriname import of super wide bodied, gold spangled beauty
"sp. L2593.5-4"50.00 ea.L259 - uncommon import of lg cream spotted/wavy spotted pleco- only one available
Pseudohemiodonapithanos7.5-9"125.00 ea.Rio Caquetá collected real 'chameleon whiptail' of remarkable size & pattern
Pseudorinelepissp. L0957-8"250.00 ea.very rare import of 'red cheek pinecone pleco' - particularly at this md size; ltd qty only
Pterygoplichthysgibbiceps 'albino'10-12"75.00 ea.cb L083 / L165 'albino sailfin plecos' - super showy morph of ivory color w/ red eyes-ltd qty available
"scrophus3-4"35.00 or 3 @ 30.00 ea.Peruvian 'rhino pleco' w/ unmistakable large 'horn-like' nostril flaps
"weberi3-4"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.juvenile Peruvian 'ranger pleco'- seriously cute w/ lg polka dots, matures to profusely blk. spotted pleco w/ golden body
Scobinancistruscf. pariolispos5"100.00 ea.L048 R. Xingu 'gold spotted cloud pleco'; showy, lg growing species w/ gold polka dots over black body & fins in ltd qty only
"sp. L2535"125.00 ea.L253 seldom imported lower R. Xingu 'sunshine-like pleco' w/ large pearl spots/streaks over body & fins - 1 available
"sp. L3685"100.00 ea.L368 'white spotted cloud pleco' from Rio Tapajos; large white/cream polka dots on black body/fins - 1 available
Squaliformaemarginata4-4.5" / 5-6"25.00 ea. / 35.00 ea.L011 'red fin thresher pleco' - named after resemblance to thresher shark w/ elongated lower lobe of caudal fin
CATFISH SPECIES (wild collected unless indicated otherwise)    
Acanthodorascataphractus2.5-3"25.00 or 4 @ 22.00 ea.Suriname collected 'chocolate raphael cats'; a rare offer of attractively colored/marked, md growing & hardy cats
Bagroidesmelapterus5"150.00 ea.Thai collected uber rare 'Harlequin Lancer'; boldy ornate gold & black - only one individual available
Brachyrhamdiameesi2-3"15.00 or 5 @ 12.50 ea.gregarious dwarf species of 'imitator Pim cat' that mimics Corydoras in nature; grows to only 3"
Goldiellaeques6"50.00 ea.Peru collected 'horse head cat' of great size; an attractively patterned cat well suited for md-lg community - remains <12" - only 2 avail
Hemibagrusfilamentosus5-6" / 7-8"75.00 ea. / 100.00 ea.rarely imported Thai bagrid cat of tawny/caramel body color; grows to about 18-20"
Leiariusmarmoratus8-9"75.00 ea.Peru 'marbled sailfin cat' - highly attractive/spectacular show cat that can reach 20-24"; excellent in large community
Mystusfasciatus4-4.5"25.00 or 3 @ 22.00 ea.seldom imported Thai bagrid cat w/ wine & white horizontal stripes
"mysticetus5-6"50.00 ea.rarely imported Thai bagrid cat w/ bold indigo & white horizonal stripes- very ltd qty only
Pangasiusconchophilus8-9"150.00 ea.extremely rare import of lg growing Thai 'paroon shark' species w/ distinctive metallic bronze colored body- only 1 available
Pseudomystussiamensis3.5-4"18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea.Thai 'bumble bee cat' of super size & bold color/pattern
Pseudoplatystomafasciatum7-8"95.00 ea.rare import of Suriname collected 'tiger shovelnose cats'; develops individually unique spots/stripes pattern w/ maturity- ltd qty only
Sperataacicularis5-6"65.00 or 2 @ 60.00 ea.seldom imported, copper colored, lg growing 'Burmese shovelnose cat' - 100% pellet trained
Synodontisnigrita 'gold form'2.5-3"35.00 ea.cb 'gold/gold marbled lace cats'; a very attractive & hardy addition to md-lg communities
Tatiaintermedia2.5-3"15.00 ea.F1 'milky way wood cats'; md growing, very attractive white spots over velvet black body